Desoto Christian School

27 North Polk Avenue
Arcadia, FL. 34266

About Us

About Us

Desoto Christian School offers instruction for kindergarten through grade 12, using the Beka Curriculum for kindergarten and grade 1. The Accelerated Christian Education and The Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum in conjunction with the Bedell Curriculum for grades 2 through 12. 

We do not encourage high school students to transfer to our school, preferring that students come up through our elementary and middle schools. New students will be accepted on the high school level if they are in agreement with our philosophy.

School Program

Desoto Christian School offers a half-day program. School hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 am till noon. Parents of 1st through 12 grades will be expected to supervise their students in the subject of "Word Building (spelling)". All other classes will be taught during normal school hours.

Enrollment Procedures

Brochures containing the information on this site and school manuals are available to prospective families. After reviewing all the materials the parent should call for an appointment. The child should accomany the parent(s) to the appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to answer any questions parents may have and to determine if the student could be helped by our school. The future plans of the student and his or her family will be discussed at this time and recommendations made.

Transfer to Another School

Academic work done at Desoto Christian School has always been accepted by receiving schools. High School credits have been recognized by Desoto High School. Our students have been accepted into a variety of colleges with no problem to date.
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